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It's So Simple

Creating an eCourse that clients can access completely on-demand is easy. Simply convert your existing coaching material into a collection of pre-recorded videos or articles (or a mix of both). Videos can be recorded with you talking to the camera, slide presentations and voice-overs. Articles can be typed or copied from existing documents. It's completely up to you! Most eCourses range from short, 10 minute presentations to deep, multi-part courses with hours of video. And don't worry if you're new to eCourses (or recording yourself) - we'll help you every step of the way!

A Lifecoach Coach delivering online coaching via an eCourse

Discover Our Friendly eCourse Builder

Not sure how to bring your coaching material together into an eCourse? That's exactly why we built our user-friendly eCourse builder. An eCourse is simply a collection of sections, with each section containing at least one video or article based lecture. Simply create your structure, drag and drop until you're happy, upload your lecture content and away you go! You can learn more about building self-study courses here.
The Lifecoach online coaching eCourse Builder

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Deliver a Seamless Learning Experience

All eCourses are delivered through our high quality online client learning centre. Explore the benefits:

Create eCourses that flow seamlessly, guiding clients from start to finish in a flow that delivers maximum benefit.

Our eCourse progress tracker helps clients to monitor their progress, resume where they left off and encourages them to progress with timely notifications.

Add additional resources to enhance your eCourse. We'll make them available at just the right point for students to access and download.

A chat style eCourse Q&A allows clients to ask public questions at any point in your eCourse, which means a single reply can help multiple clients to progress - and save you time.

Clients are gently prompted to leave reviews, giving you valuable feedback and helping new clients to discover how much the eCourse has helped others.

Message all of your clients in one go with course wide announcements to keep your clients engaged, notify them of updates and promote your other services.

Get Paid

Get paid through our Shared Payment Model every time you sell an eCourse, with automated monthly payouts direct to your nominated bank account.

Shared Payments

Earn 90% on all eCourses that you sell via your referral link and 50% on all organic sales coming through the platform.
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No Fixed Fees

Create as many eCourses as you like, completely risk free. With no listing or fixed monthly/annual fees, you only pay commission on the sales you make.

Hassle Free Refunds

Refunds happen, but our Quality Team handles all refund requests so you don't have to. This ensures fairness across the platform and simplifies your earnings.
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eCourse FAQ

Do I have to pay to create an eCourse?

No. You only pay a platform commission when you make a sale. There are no upfront or monthly fees, making it risk free to get started.

What subject(s) can I publish eCourses on?

You can create eCourses on any subject that you feel empowered to teach, as long as it's related to Personal Development / Personal Transformation, and helps other people to achieve success in this area.

Are all eCourses reviewed before being published?

Yes. Every new eCourse is reviewed by our Quality Team to ensure it meets our guidelines before being published on the platform.

Can I update my eCourse after it is published?

Yes. You can update your course content, landing page info and pricing at any time.

Do students pay monthly to access my eCourse, or one-off?

If you make your eCourse paid, students pay once to enrol. You set the price in your own currency and we handle presentment in local currency in all supported territories.

Do you run sales and special offers?

Yes but these are optional. You can opt-in to include your eCourses in our platform wide promotions. Opting in will allow our algorithms to occasionally reduce prices in an effort to deliver increased volume.

How much can I earn & how do I get paid?

Thanks to the massive demand for online & self study learning and the almost limitless scale of publishing globally through the Lifecoach platform, the opportunity is significant. You'll receive your payouts monthly, direct to your bank account. Read more about how payouts work here.

What % do I earn from my eCourse sales?

If you sell an eCourse by promoting it with your unique link, you earn 90%. If you make a sale organically (i.e. from our promotions), you keep 50%. An exception to this rule is our 'Extended Promotions Program' which you can read about here.

Do I still own my IP if I publish an eCourse on Lifecoach?

Yes. You retain full ownership of your intellectual property. You can find our full terms here.

Why make an eCourse?

eCourses are a great way to offer a little bit of yourself and your specialist knowledge to a very large number of students at a lower cost and in a way that allows students to learn on their own schedule. This lowers the barrier to entry for many clients and provides an excellent opportunity to build rapport with your clients before leading them into 1-to-1 coaching.

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