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To find more clients? To grow their businesses? To stand out from the crowd?

Can you help Coaches to discover the benefits of the Lifecoach platform? Lifecoach provides leading software for professional Coaches; including unique tools to help Coaches get discovered by more relevant clients, sell products & services online, create & host eCourses and actively advertise themselves in relevant channels. Join our Partnership Program today and spread the word through your network, earning you kudos and a generous fixed commission in the process.

How It Works

Our Partner Program Is Simple & Rewarding

Anyone can earn commission by promoting Lifecoach to professional Coaches.

Step 1: Sign up in 60 seconds. No complicated application process.

Step 2: Get a unique Partner tracking link.

Step 3: Promote Lifecoach using your link & earn £10GBP for every Coach who signs up.

Simple Monthly Payouts

Get Paid By PayPal

Partner with us, wherever you are in the world. We'll pay your partner earnings monthly by PayPal. All you need is a personal or business PayPal address to start receiving your partner payouts for conversion into your own currency. It's that easy!

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How do I join Lifecoach as a Promotional Partner?

Click here to get started. Signing up takes under 60 seconds. Get your unique link and start promoting! We'll guide you every step of the way.

Do I qualify as a Partner?

If you have an active network of Coaches or regularly promote your own services to the coaching community, you qualify for our Partner Program.

Are there any special requirements?

The only requirement is your ability to reach professional Coaches in the personal or professional development & transformation space.

How does it work?

Sign up in 60 seconds and get your unique referral link. Use your link to promote Lifecoach to Coaches. Earn a fixed commission for every coach who signs up. No technical skills/development required and we'll provide you with detailed but simple instructions to get you started.

Do I have to track multiple referral codes?

No! Our tracking system is uniquely simple. All you need to do is append (add) your tracking link onto the end of any normal link to any page (we'll show you how), or use our ready made shareabe links. Wherever you choose to send Coaches, we'll detect your unique link and credit you for all referred unique signups.

Where will I see my earnings?

We'll report your earnings in real-time via your Lifecoach Partner dashboard & reporting centre.

How much can I earn?

There's no cap on earnings, so the more you promote Lifecoach to professional Coaches, the more you can earn. What's more, Lifecoach is a global platform, maximising your ability to earn by promoting the benefits to Coaches all over the world.

How much will I earn per sign up?

Our fixed commission is currently set at £10GBP and you can get paid out wherever you are, as long as you have a PayPal account.

How & when will I be paid?

We'll pay you by PayPal. You will need to create your own PayPal account in order to receive your funds if you don't already have one. We pay out a single, automated monthly payment. To discover more about payouts for partners read more.

Where can I ask questions?

We'd love to answer any questions you may have! You can reach our fast & friendly support team via our dedicated support hub.

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