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Charlotte Friedrich 🇳🇿

Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach
Women's Wellbeing Period Coaching Menstrual Cycle Awareness
I reconnect women to the source of their innate wisdom & feminine power: their bodies and nature’s cycles. Women come to me for my bespoke approach to wellbeing incl. positive psychology (MSc) & womb yoga.

About Charlotte

Hello, I’m Charlotte.
I reconnect women to the source of their innate wisdom, intuition and feminine power: their bodies and nature’s cycles. Women come to me for my bespoke and compassionate approach to wellbeing.
I’ll offer you a fresh and honest perspective on women’s wellbeing and psychology, through a unique combination of modern modalities and ancient wisdom. From positive psychology—the science of wellbeing and human flourishing to a revolutionary approach in women’s yoga, I’ll work with you as a whole woman. Body, mind, heart, spirit.
Born in Bavaria, today I live between Europe, Bali and New Zealand – helping purpose-driven women reconnect to the natural cycles within and around them and reclaim their inner wisdom so that they can live richer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.
We’ll create a space to support you in living your life with feminine power.
Together, let’s explore your inner wilderness.
Professional background
I hold a master’s degree with distinction in positive psychology and coaching psychology from University of East London. Before transtioning into coaching I worked as an international  Human Resources coordinator for a global design agency. Today, my work combines cutting edge science with ancient teachings and a revolutionary approach to women’s yoga.
In the words of my clients

"Charlotte accompanied me through the most challenging time of my life.

Her truly unique approach allows her to get to the core like no other. I experience the positive effect of her work on my personal and spiritual development, my being as a woman, my general wellbeing and my health every single day.

I recommend her to every woman, regardless if they are sailing through truly troubled waters and need immediate, tangible support, or if they are longing for making the next step in their personal and spiritual journey."

Dorothee, HR Lead, Germay

“Not often do we meet people with such a great listening ability, able to analyse people’s personality, their complexity, their weaknesses and strength, and without judgment.”

Noémie, Photographer, France


“I first came to Charlotte for some coaching while feeling stuck at a crossroads with work (and life). Her insightful approach, well honed intuition and extensive toolkit of techniques led me to the answers I was seeking (and made me feel I’d had them all along).”

Bex, Designer, Writer & Illustrator, UK


“Charlotte has a naturally supportive demeanour that creates a calm and comfortable environment. This is critical to the success of the often-difficult and personally uncomfortable process of honest and deep self-exploration. Her intuitiveness and skill in guiding this process compels you to confront fears and challenges that you may not have even been able to identify previously. I felt much more aware of, in control of, and at peace with personal challenges after our session. "

Phoebe, USA  

Charlotte's Home City


New Zealand 🇳🇿

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