Andrew  Bridgewater, Chartered Psychologist Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach

Andrew Bridgewater, Chartered Psychologist 🇬🇧

Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach
Mental Health, Mental Clarity, Vitality 3 Principles Practitioner
I'm a UK Chartered Psychologist who works with The 3 Principles understanding and can help you dissolve stress naturally to enjoy a life of purpose, clarity of mind and passion.

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If you're suffering with stress and concerned about depression and anxiety, I want to help.  Within 12 months of qualifying a psychologist in 2005, I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital with severe depression.  It was the lowest point in my life and as I lay there for 5 weeks, I resolved never to repeat a pattern that had seen me experience severe stress every time life seemed to get tough.

I set about researching everything I could find about how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression naturally.  What I discovered has been life-changing for me and those I've worked with.

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I look forward to being able to help you too.

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