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Nick O'Connor 🇬🇧

Business & Career Coach
Managing career & business change Support motivation & confidence issues Long term planning & goal setting
Coach and Headhunter who has supported career development & entrepreneurs for over 20 years. Practical & goal oriented.

About Nick

Hi, I am Nick. 

I am an advocate of career health and its impact on broader health and happiness.

I am a multidisciplinary, Barefoot Coaching trained, Coach. My main focus is career & business coaching. The themes that link everything are coaching through change and achieving personal goals. I am also a headhunter who has Coached entrepreneurs and business leaders in a practical sense for over 20 years. My approach is to support both the mental/emotional and also practical challenges faced in maintaining a happy career. For more info please click: Digital Talent network

Areas of focus include (but are not limited to) motivation, confidence, dealing with change, establishing balance, living in the moment, career & business planning, goal setting & dealing with failure. In addition my recruitment alter-ego means that I can assist in the entirely practical aspects of developing the career and business you. 

For those entering the job market or changing direction I offer an 'early career' package called Career Compass which focuses on the practical aspects of getting your career off the ground.Career Compass

Above all I have spent a career lifetime listening to those going through change. If you would like someone to talk to and bounce ideas off then contact me for an exploratory meeting.

I am available for face to face coaching in London, Suffolk & parts of Essex. I am available Globally via zoom. For my profile please click: LinkedIn

We are also developing a platform for practical career guidance. If you would like to be a beta customer or contributor please click: Ambition Tree

Thanks for visiting my page. I look forward to talking to you.


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