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Personal development coach, career consultant and online educator living in beautiful New Zealand. Passionate about helping others find their purpose and create a meaningful and balanced life.

About Anouk

Hi there!

My name is Anouk, and I am a personal development coach and online educator living in beautiful New Zealand.

For the over 10 years I had worked as an English tutor and a career consultant helping my clients with interview preparation and writing resumes.

As exciting as it was to witness my students land their dream jobs, I observed that they needed more than just advice on job searches and help with interview technique. Many of my clients struggled with identifying their values and finding their purpose in life. Some needed tools to become more productive and focused. Others had difficulty with building a successful career without neglecting other important parts of their life.

This inspired me to do more research on goal setting and productivity. Soon it became clear that personal and professional success goes hand in hand with self-care. Over the years I have learned many effective techniques and approaches to help create a more productive, yet balanced life. I was also able to develop my own set of tools focusing on growth and meaningful living.

Now I am a personal development coach helping my clients reconnect with their true purpose, find a sense of clarity, and live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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