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Do you want to know, deep in your heart and experience, that you are lovely and worthy, and delighted in by the almighty God of the Universe? Then let's talk!

About Darlene


You are a beautiful woman, handcrafted by God for the purpose of greatness.

Do you believe it?

Sometimes the day-to-day process of living gets in the way of us believing this. Sometimes past abuse, criticism, and emotional attack make it hard to believe we have any worth at all.

And sometimes it's the dreariness, overwhelm, confusion, and over-commitment of everyday life that squeezes out our joy.

Life-wounds bind us and blind us and we can no longer see the glorious way forward. We feel unseen, untethered, unvalued, and often unwanted. Faith feels like nothing more than putting on a fake smile and working harder than we want to. There’s no passion. We feel guilted into serving rather than serving with joy that comes from a deep and wondrous connection to Jesus.

And some of us have never actually heard that we are beautiful in the eyes of Jesus and that He is passionately pursuing us like a man pursues his bride.

Do you want to know, deep in your heart and experience, that you are lovely, and worthy, and delighted in by the almighty God of the Universe?

Do you want to discover the woman he designed you to be, and begin the journey towards living that out?

Do you want to serve God from a place of deep connection and purpose?

Do you want to feel his love and hear the songs of delight that He sings over You?

Do you want to know - really know - that God is fully there for you?


My Journey

Having grown up as a Christian in a wonderful church with solid teaching, I have always wanted to live for Jesus. In spite of great teaching, a good family, and some fantastic adventures in faith, I found that while God was always fully present in my mind, my heart remained unaffected. I struggled and sought to live out a faith where I was compelled by the love of Jesus rather than by cold hard facts or other people’s expectations, but could not find my way. When I asked pastors and teachers for help, their answer was always "Do more" - more Bible reading, more prayer, more witnessing, more service. All of that is good and right, but no matter how much I did, my heart remained cold and I remained exhausted and often just plain angry.

Then I discovered keys to healing, freedom, and joy through inner healing of my wounds, lies, vows, and strongholds. I found ancient ways of prayer and fellowship with God that were practiced long before the church had factions and denominations Practices that caused a complete change in culture and lifestyle - not because of politics or religious force, but because people felt the love and joy of Jesus and were transformed.

This changed my life and I would love to help you journey along this path to find your own joy and freedom, as we discover together the amazing person God designed you to be, and unlock the secrets to getting you there!

Is this something you’re looking for? If so, download the "I Am Glorious" pdf, and start your journey to deeper intimacy with Jesus.


Who am I?

My name is Darlene Hull and I know what it's like to feel lost and overwhelmed.

A solid Christian with a traditional Baptist upbringing, I've always wanted to be a Catholic nun (realized this was because I loved the mystic side of faith). I've been an active member of an international Anglican church, a couple of Christian and Missionary Alliance churches, a "way out there" charismatic Baptist church, and, for 4 years, even tried on head-covering (no pun intended) and all the legalism that goes with it. I've lived in 4 countries and experienced a wide range of expressions of faith.

In my late 40s, I ended up having to leave the church to find my faith and my identity in Jesus. It was a painful journey and I was away from the corporate church for a period of about 5 years.

Right now I'm an active and committed member of a Christian and Missionary Alliance church where I head up the prayer ministry, and I conduct my coaching and spiritual direction ministry in partnership with Imago Christi.

I have a delightfully international family - I'm a West Coast Canadian, my husband (who I met in Germany) is from Belfast Northern Ireland, and my two adult, homeschooled kids were born in the French Alps. We also have a dog the size of a small sofa.

Darlene's Home City

Calgary, AB

Canada 🇨🇦

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