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Religion & Faith Coach
Spiritual Direction Christian Life Coach
Helping women who are stuck, receive relief, healing and direction in the fullness of God’s promises.

About Merri Ellen


Merri Ellen Giesbrecht is a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Director. Since 2003 in over 120 countries online she coaches people to connect better to God through hearing His voice according to His Word.

Expertise: dismantling spiritual strongholds and oppression, walk through trauma recovery, forgiveness, reconciliation, and mediation, explore dreams, assess gifts and abilities, and pursue their callings and goals. She is a credentialed pastor to pastors and counselors, both men and women, walking them through burnout, ministry transitions, and healthy sabbaticals.

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Merri Ellen’s clients have given their permission to publish testimonials in regards to her life coaching:


“She helped remove lies I had believed for years and taught me to quiet my soul and listen for the voice of God. She is highly skilled and has a unique perspective that comes from beyond the four walls of the church.” (Monique)


“She’s been an important part of my healing journey. Having her hold space for me validated my pain and my situation.” (Client & certified counsellor herself)


“Before I met with Merri Ellen, my life direction was unfocused. Merri Ellen is brilliant at breaking down the fluff to get at the basic needs and wants. She helped me to determine and reach occupation goals. What surprised me the most and brought such joy was her willingness to bring Jesus into our conversations.” (Caralee Daigle)


“I have been able to hear God’s voice in our sessions. Holy Spirit has been guiding our conversations, revealing things to us. I was losing hope and to hear the Spirit’s voice again. Having Merri Ellen guide me through some exercises has been a gift. Before meeting with Merri Ellen, I found I was so stuck in my own head with my own thoughts that I was unable to discern between God’s truth and Satan’s lies. I really appreciated having the prayer and guidance with Merri Ellen’s direction. I appreciated having someone to walk alongside me and help me to sift through my thoughts and discern what is from God and what isn’t. I have been to many counsellors and Merri Ellen brings a uniqueness I haven’t had. Authenticity, willingness to share, honesty, encouraging words and allowing God to intervene and direct our time together. Allowing God into every session makes all the difference. Before meeting with Merri Ellen, I was numb—feeling spiritually dead. Stuck in the depression. I wasn’t finding the motivation to do the things I wanted to do and I felt spiritually disconnected. Today, I feel more spiritually alive. I look forward to coming each time to meet with Merri Ellen.” (Nicole Gelderman)


“Merri Ellen truly leans on the Holy Spirit to speak through her, she desires to give Godly advice and rely on the Word. Before I met with Merri Ellen, my life was a little chaotic, full of anxiety, and struggle. These days, inviting the Spirit in and talking to Him helps me to keep perspective and crushes my anxiety! What has made me the happiest about my sessions with Merri Ellen is how energizing our sessions are. Working in the power of the Holy Spirit is amazing and surprising!!! Thanks so much to Merri Ellen, this has been a wonderful journey!” (Gail Derksen)


“My mom had passed away 6 months ago and I struggled with grieving her loss. It affected my children’s sleep and my emotions and how I handled life. In my sessions with Merri Ellen, I realized that Jesus is closer to me and my situation. That him taking care of me covers my past, my present, and my future, and that healing can be real! Praying together opened my eyes to why I was hurting so badly and Jesus took that lie away and spoke truth into it. My mom is not gone, she is with him.

One of the most helpful parts of our sessions is praying together but also the practical advice on how to deal with strong emotions.

I knew that working with Merri Ellen was the right thing for me to do after my friend had mentioned it to me. Jesus wants to tell you how to find your way back and Merri Ellen has a good way to get Jesus and you together in a room. Before meeting with Merri Ellen, I was tired and very sad and angry. Since our sessions, I am happy. I found rest without sleep. I think it was new for me to pray for my family this way.

I was surprised how Merri Ellen knew what to ask me especially when we talked about my mom’s passing. The whole concept of lies and truth was most helpful.

It’s normal to get stuck, but it’s good to get unstuck together. I find the steps and her approach help me beyond the reasons why I come. I use it during the day when I feel stuck by myself. It has changed the way how I live my faith.” (Birte Kroeker)

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  • Life Coach and Spiritual Director with Doing Family Right Ministries
  • Certified Life Coach with LeaderBreakthru
  • Masters in Spiritual Life Coaching, Christian Leadership University
  • Credentialed Reverend, Christian Ministers Association
  • Start Right Mentor Training with Teen Challenge
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Ministry from Briercrest Bible College


  1. In Office sessions. For those living within driving distance of Abbotsford, BC Canada in British Colubmia’s Fraser Valley, sessions are available directly with Merri Ellen. Session Length – 50 minutes.

  2. By Phone or via Video sessions. Where distance limits direct personal access, phone or online coaching has been very effective. Session Length – 50 minutes.

  3. Interactive Group Coaching  - This option is growing in demand due to the incredible community that develops among my students who are all hungry for the same goal. The options range from 5 weeks to year long.


Coaching fees can be paid via e-transfer or USA customers pay via Paypal in USD. 


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Moving you from stuck …to walking in God’s promises.
Helping women and men who are stuck, receive relief, healing and direction in the Lord.

Coaching since 2003 in over 120 countries online.

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