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Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach
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As a certified wellness coach, I focus on helping you avoid burnout. If you’re looking to make self-care non-negotiable in your life, I’m here to help.

About Kristianna

I help burned out Millennials live mindfully to create a lifestyle where self-care is a rhythm of life. As a certified wellness coach from Emory University, she guides her clients to break free from limiting beliefs and develop a healthier relationship with themselves to live with greater peace, clarity, and calm. 

Through a holistic approach to health and positive psychology, I champion my clients to create the lifestyle they desire! My clients go from overwhelmed and exhausted to living life mindfully and free from limiting beliefs of hurry and hustle. With 8+ years in the business field, I've experienced firsthand the importance of avoiding burnout which drives my passion to transform lives. Will you be one of them? Schedule your complimentary coaching call today! Your future self is waiting. :)

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