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Holistic Coach
Discover your life purpose Feel fulfilled and love your life again
Life Purpose Coach & Celebrant - Helping you discover your life purpose, feel fulfilled and love your life again.

About Maria

MEET MARIA | Over 30,000 hours of experience as a Life Purpose Coach and also a Civil Celebrant. Maria offers professional coaching & counselling services to busy professionals like you. Her speciality is helping clients to discover how to love life & feel that you make a difference even if you don’t know what that life purpose is.


Purpose isn’t just about doing the thing you love to do. It’s about sharing your wisdom and knowledge with those people who will be here long after you’ve gone.
Living your purpose is your legacy and gift to your family, for generations to come.

- You are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed from an ever-growing to do list and your many responsibilities and never feeling fulfilled.
- You often find yourself feeling stressed, confused, anxious - or even fearful?
- You go round and round in circles seeking to find greater clarity in your life, work and relationships?
- You hear yourself saying “What is this all about?” or “There must be something better than this?”

If the answer to any of these questions sounds like you, then let me support you, giving you the clarity that you need to move forward?

WHY WORK WITH ME | Many of the common issues you may experience on a day to day basis – stress, overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, workplace conflicts, relationship issues – arise through a lack of connection to purpose and a lack of meaning to your life.

- With over 20 years of expertise working with individuals and companies, my work gets quickly to the heart of the matter.
- We’ll work together to develop a plan to solve your current presenting issues, help you feel re-inspired in your everyday life and work on finding that deeper purpose so that you can live a fulfilled and happy life.
- I am available to support you on a 1-2-1 basis through a variety of coaching modalities and bespoke programmes, focusing on one or several areas of your life.
- I’m known for my caring, compassionate approach, which achieves lasting results for you and the people around you.
- My work often elicits ‘light bulb’ moments, deep healing from past trauma, joy and deep gratitude in the people I coach and support so that they can live a fulfilled life leaving their legacy for their family, community and their world.

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