Ismar Pasalic Business & Career Coach

Ismar Pasalic 🇪🇪

Business & Career Coach
Boosting your confidence Leadership development Prepare for interviews with a recruiter.
After 10+ years in Executive Manager & Sales Field. I decided to which to helping individuals become their best version.

About Ismar

After 10+ years of activating in the Executive Manager & Sales field, in USA and abroad, I started to see a different career path for myself. I decided to give my life meaning and be closer to people by supporting them on their Business & Career Development journey. I do this through decade of experience, coaching, mentoring, NLP & other Psychology tools.

My Accrediton:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • PCC-Professional Certified Coach
  • ignlp-Certified Life Coach
  • EMCC Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Life Coach

Ismar's Credentials

MSc in Applied Psychology
BSc in Accounting and Finance

Ismar's Home City


Estonia 🇪🇪

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