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Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach
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Resilience Coaching Coach professionals to be effective leaders in their community, by modeling self-care, befriending their stress and burnout and enabling effective decisions and making progress.

About John

John Cazander, LSC, APOEC

Resilience coaching for personal development and businesses.

“Don’t focus on the sick side of a person. Instead, focus on what is well, and build upon its foundation, to enhance one’s life.”

“Think outside the box, even when you feel you are boxed in”


John developed a love and passion for helping people thrive from an early age. As he watched his parents care for young women who were marginalized by society, he learned to recognize the hidden challenges in peoples’ lives, as well as to focus on the human side of a person’s life rather than the discord… John personally knows what it means to go through life challenges and grief. Between 2006 and 2009 he lost both of his parents and one client who lived with John. In December 2009 he hit rock bottom somewhere in the middle of a ferry crossing. It was after midnight, he had thoughts about suicide before, but he never acted upon them, this time though, he went outside, took his coat off and looked down at the black water. A thought came to his mind that said, John, what if you change your mind halfway down, then what? And then he looked at the horizon and saw the lights of Vancouver, and thought, that is a long way to swim. He knew that he had to find another way out of his current state of mind. This journey forced John to re-invent himself. After coming on the other side he has been able to support others more than ever. After a sabbatical of 5 years, during which he learned new skills, he felt rejuvenated and felt refreshed to coach and create programs again, this time he focused on Resilience in the workplace, the interdependence of self-care, teamwork and overall healthcare of a person or organization.

As a consultant in (compassion) fatigue and burnout, he helps professionals and organizations to be effective leaders in their community, by being effective caretakers of themselves. He believes that most people struggle in life due to being afraid of living with stress and burnout and that forces people to react irrationally and prevent them from making progress. This is based on the belief that stress and burnout are essential tools of the body to help keep one safe. Because of this, he created workshops such as “The Pain Game”, “Caregiver Wellness Program”, “Grieving in the workplace” and the "Resilience in the workplace, the interdependence of self-care, teamwork, and healthcare".

With the help of the "Wellness Chart" which he created, he is able to help people understand where they currently are in the burnout process and helps them make positive and productive changes for themselves and others.

Currently, he is open to speaking engagements, seminars, webinars and radio/video interviews, to help create awareness on these important topics, to help heal the health care system from within.

John specializes in resilience in the workplace, in the home, and within relationships, and at times known as being the last door. If a client feels stuck and has tried everything, then why not try John.

Professional Coaching Experience:  Over 21 years


John’s Knowledge and Experience Highlights:

  • Licensed Life Skills Coach - Human Relations and Family Counselling (LSC)
  • Associate Practitioner Operant Effective Counselling (APOEC)
  • Non-Violence Crisis Intervention Training (NVCI)
  • “The pain game, when do I change course?” seminar
  • Stress Relief & Self-care Strategy Program
  • Burnout due to trauma/grief in the Workplace program
  • Stress Factors at Work workshop
  • Self-care & Aftercare workshop
  • Caregiver Wellness program


John lives in Gold River with his beloved wife Kathleen and loves being outdoors in nature. They enjoy taking small hikes, discovering new plants and gathering wild edibles such as plants and mushrooms. John also has a creative side – before becoming a life coach, he made jewelry as a silversmith and designed theme gardens as a landscaper.

Education/ Experience:

  • Specializes in Stress Management and Self-care Strategies; John has developed many unique practical workshops, such as the new “Resilience in the Workplace”, and he is an awesome group facilitator.
  • Coached couples on improving a relationship.
  • Facilitated Grief Management training at a palliative care facility.
  • Spent 5 years working with people with developmental disabilities for various organizations in the Lower Mainland and in the Fraser Valley, that support people with concurrent disorders. Supported patients as an outside 1:1 caseworker at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam. For 2 years provided 24/7 home care and day programs to two young men with concurrent disabilities, mental illness, and developmental delays.
  • Trained and volunteered as a Citizen Escort for Corrections Canada at Mission Minimum Institution; coached life skills programs at the Step by Step Recovery Centre in Surrey.

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Gold River BC

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