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Michael Mahy 🇬🇧

Transformation & Mindset Coach
Finding your Truth,Purpose and Vision. Create more Clarity, You get to choose Create space, Overcome Overwhelm
The answer is in the question. Ask the right questions and your current mindset and self belief system will be revealed

About Michael

I have built my coaching programme on the premise that “The Truth will set you free”. This is how we begin our coach/client relationship by discovering your Truth. We reveal the current self limiting, negative self speak - energy draining story that you are currently telling yourself. This is often a Story that is running in the background of your conscious mind; in your subconscious. Some visible side effects are frustration, lack of motivation and procrastination. We will look at how this Story is impacting your personal and professional life, and we ask the question “ How long have you been living in this state of being? If nothing changes, what will be the outcome in a week or in a year”. ….How long will you suffer until you take back control of your Narrative, unlearn your bad habits and replace them with habits that serve you. In my coaching framework we will pinpoint the what, the why and the how, to overcome inertia and boredom, and maximise learning and growth. Even the most optimistic, successful, intelligent people can become attached to a self limiting story when they fail big or often.

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