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Relationship Coach
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*Domestic & Narcissist Abuse Recovery Coach *Offering healing and validation after life with a narcissist or sociopath *Recovery from toxic relationships *Help you find your confidence, self-worth & self-esteem

About Zoe

Zoe's story is a very inspirational one, she went from being in an extremely abusive relationship, where she experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse to helping others heal and recover from abuse. She has first-hand experience of the effects of abuse and how damaging being in an abusive relationship is, as well as the entangled confusion and complexity of a power and control based intimate relationship.


She is a certified Life Coach and has a proven track-record, specialising in helping people recover from abuse. She named her coaching practice 'Self Love After Abuse' because one of the first steps to healing is starting to love yourself.


In 2016 Zoe took her facilitator training for The Freedom Programme and has run support groups for women who have experienced abuse. Zoe is also one of the UK's 43 facilitator's who are able to run this program for primary school children.


Zoe is a 'Be Real' Body Confidence Ambassador as often after abuse you feel worthless but Zoe can help you to grow in self-love and to be body confident. Because no matter how you have been treated or what you have been told about how you look, you are beautiful, worthy and deserve so much more.


Zoe shows men and women how to avoid getting into a toxic relationship, and how to spot an abusive person beneath the Mr. Nice Guy mask, enabling you to identify the red flags and keep yourself safe from abuse.


If you are in a toxic relationship, Zoe can help you, she will walk you through the process of leaving and help you take control. Zoe will educate you about the types of abuse and the tactics an abuser uses and help you find your confidence, self-worth & self-esteem.


Recovering from abuse takes time and on-going support, and Zoe is there to help you.  She will educate, validate, support, encourage, and empower you on your journey to Self Love After Abuse and although the path to freedom can be a bumpy one, it’s so worth walking, so why not let Zoe help you on your journey of recovery.

Zoe was recently featured in the Mail Online newspaper, click here to find out more.

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