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Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach
Certified Coach
Conscious Hypnosis Stress, Fear, Pain, Anxiety, Management Mindset Coach, Self Love & Confidence
Release the lioness within, stamp out limiting beliefs, rise up out of fear to be the victorious confident woman you were born to be. Live in the consciousness of an overcomer filled with the power of love

About Rosalie

My start at life was rocky and challenging being 2 months premature in the Humidity Crib i felt rejection, fear, anger and pain. As i grew up i had 2 sisters and a brother by the time i was five so i had to grow up quick and help my mom who was sick all the time. I was molested when i was 11 and went on to discover boys resulting in depression and anxiety & attempted suicide by the time i was 13 from being beaten and verbally abused. My home life was hell and then i got pregnant at 15 and had a baby boy who was taken off me and put up for adoption. I left home at 16, moved in with a man 16 yrs my senior who was abusive also and had 3 boys. By the time i was 24 i had enough, and was totally bankrupt in every area of my life. Dysfunctional family re-run & steryotyped. That relationship lasted 16 years and i got kicked out and the father of my boys took them from me and moved interstate. 

At 34 years of age everyone who said they loved me abused me and took my children i was depressed and sucidal and had anxiety through to the bone.

I went to work, went to church and decided that i wanted to be healed. I chose to allow God to Love me and help me to love myself and worked on personal and professional development to change my mindset and both my internal and external view of myself. I chose to have an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for my life and to forgive those who had hurt me and learned to forgive myself.

Fast forward, well not really fast but 30 years later, studied up and certified as a coach I am off all anti-depressants and no longer have the stinking thinking and limiting beliefs that kept me making wrong choices and bad decisions.

If i can do it you can too.

There is help for those who have been running away from themselves and their lives to be someone better and be successful and accepted in life. There is help for those who try their hardest to make something of themselves but always fall short or have so many hurts still pulling at them emotionally.

there is freedom from limiting beliefs and fears that haunt you when confronted by the self assured bully at work and you are always getting things wrong and cant think.

There are many tools and techniques available today to assist you with goal setting and helping you to get the motivation to achieve those goals and dreams. 

Are you ready to change, do you want to live free from the pains of the past?

Contact me now to discuss how i can help you. 

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