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Kristine Dzigure 🇱🇻

Transformation & Mindset Coach
Boost self-confidence Higher self-esteem Authentic self-love
I help you overcome low self-esteem, perfectionism and feeling not enough, and learn to fully love yourself

About Kristine

I have been studying human psychology for a decade. The motivation to learn about the mind came from having low self-esteem and self-confidence while working as a professional model. This experience of being successful but still never feeling enough and worthy raised a question, "if it's not our circumstances that determine how we feel, then what does?" It turned out; our mind is the determining factor in how we feel.


This life experience, paired with professional qualification as a coach, makes me very attuned to how other women struggle to love themselves and feel unworthy. If you struggle with perfectionism, comparison and feeling not enough, I can help you to overcome that and learn to love yourself.

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