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Relationship Coach
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20+yrs exp. Starting as a Leadership/entrepreneur coach. Then family therapy, anger management and relationship coaching

About Dominic

I live in Bracknell with my lovely wife and step son. I have three sons of my own, all big and grown up, and have flown the nest one at a time over the past 10 year.

I come from the world of executive coaching and large scale behavioural and cultural change and have 20 years of experience coaching all sorts of people for results. I have worked as a relationship coach, family therapist, and Executive coach - working with children, teenagers, disabled, infirm and the neurologically diverse as well as young professionals. 

You might want to develop skills or change an unhelpful mindset or maybe specific help for individuals (or couples) working through a challenging time or decision. Or maybe it’s a bit of all of this?

My approach is very honest, straight, in the moment and I won’t avoid anything that I feel is helpful for you, but will do so in a present and caring way

My philosophy… 

Our sessions are actually your sessions, I will drive to ensure you fail to find excuses to fail. I will believe that everything is within your gift. I will hold you to account, support you and challenge any limitations you place upon yourself. I aspire for you to own the impacts you have on yourself and those around you. My style flexes depending on my perceptions of what you will respond 'best' too as I focus more on what will get you to where you want to be rather than a model.

Testimonials are made availible post our initial converstaion.

My qualifications...

I am informally trained in Psychology and Philosophy utilising a M.O.O.C provided by Yale University

  • Certified Systems and Complexity facilitator

  • NLP High Performance Coach

  • NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

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