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Corinna Hagen 🇺🇸

Business & Career Coach
Executive Communication Career Development Interview Preparation & Public Speaking
I specialize in executive communication, leadership development, and career coaching to help you nail your next presentation, job interview, sales pitch or keynote! Become a confident, effective communicator!

About Corinna

I help leaders to grow, communicate effectively, form new habits, build high-performing teams, and achieve their goals - backed by 15+ years of experience in Management Consulting, Enterprise Transformation, Leadership Coaching and Talent Development. 

I help you to become a more confident communicator and influencer.

Some of the services I cover:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Interview preparation for leadership roles
  • Executive communication and presentation design (keynotes, board reviews, strategic positioning, etc.)
  • Sales pitch coaching
  • Succession Planning & Talent Development Strategy
  • Team building, conflict resolution, motivation, goal setting, 360° Feedback, hiring strategy

If you have taken a personality assessment before, you can share the report with me for personality-centric coaching. I am certified in Hogan assessments, but also trained in DISC, Meyers-Briggs, StrengthFinder, and the Enneagram.

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