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@phoenixofafrica lived through major tradgedies herself. Loosing her child in a drowning acident - stage 3 breast cancer - house burned down. She now inspires the rest of the world to rise with her.

About Phoenix

Laetitia Swanepoel aka THE PHOENIX OF AFRICAπŸ“·
is a Life Optimization Expert and High Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, Reiki Practitioner and Firewalk Instructor.
Three major Traumas, in three years could not get her down.
Instead she turned her anger into passion, and now inspires the rest of Africa to Rise with Her. #risewithme #thephoenixofafrica
Changing the impossible to capable. Re-framing your mind with Neuro Linguistic Programming, to help you go from great to exceptional !
She is a lover of knowledge, and is constantly studying something new. She has achievements in Sports Management, Photography, Arts and Fitness on top of her spirituality studies and on the Power of Self.
After living through three major tragedies, she decided to change her reality and started living her best life. Having lost her middle child in a drowning accident, her perspective of how to live life changed dramatically. Her loving nature towards helping other people through their struggles, started when she was busy with her chemo treatment. She became an inspiration to people worldwide, with her positive outlook towards beating Breast Cancer. She saw that people tend to hide their true feelings and emotions when they go through difficulty, and decided to change that by being brutally honest with her own journey. Inspiring others, to do the same.
She also started a NPO called Gusie Cuddles in honour of her little Gustav. Where she aims to assist Trauma Victims to heal from their pain, and find purpose for their lives again.
She is a true inspiration, motivator and loving soul. She truly cares about her students and clients. She has a desire to help others find their purpose, and lives for those β€œA-HA” moments when they realize how amazing they really are.
Not only will you feel inspired, motivated and energized after a session with her, but you will walk away with a guaranteed outcome and at least 30% growth in productivity and sales*.
*take personal responsibility with my guidance

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