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Relationship Coach
couples, depression, anxiety Learn your inner drive, motivator Find an empowering action for change.
Strategy coaching. Process: Diagnosis of inner drive, Leverage:, Empowering Alternative:, Conditioning, Hypnosis

About Lisa

For couples: You know how you feel hopelessly at odds with your spouse and there is a gap between you? Well I teach couples in distress how to bridge that gap by bringing clarity as to what each person wants and to guide both to have their needs met through Relationship Acceptance Training. Couples will learn to accept one another rather than try to change them. Couples will have an increased satisfaction.

For those with depression and anxiety: You know how you feel hopelessly stuck in depression or anxiety how there is a gap between how you experience life and how you want to experience life? Well I guide people who do depression and anxiety to cope with life to bridge that gap. I do this by guiding them to diagnose their inner drive, find leverage to move forward, create an empowering alternative, practice new habits, and peer group support. 

Lisa's Credentials

Certified Life Coach trained by Master Coach University
studied at Coach Training Alliance

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