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I have worked as a kinesiologist, bioenergy healer and mindfulness coach for over 20 years. Your health, joy & fulfilment is up to you, I'm here to help remove obstacles, but it's YOU who does the healing.

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Sessions currently take place remotely via WhatsApp (See Facebook page to book)

Prices = Donation Based


3 to 4 consecutive days of Bio-energy Healing, taking place at the same time each day. Duration depends on what we're working on.

I combine techniques from the Domancic Method, Reiki, Kinesiology and Tibetan Energy Healing.


Re-balancing the body and energetic system to restore equilibrium, harmony and peace.

Removing obstacles and blockages to achieving goals, be they emotional, spiritual or physical.

I combine techniques from Touch for Health, Psychobiokinetics, Nutritional Biokinetics and Quantum Health.


Testing for various allergies, intolerances and energy mismatches to numerous substances, with first round of corrections.

During my 20 years teaching mindfulness and meditation I developed this technique that everyone can quickly master to find calm, peace and joy during the challenge of Covid19 Mental health challenges will arise as we are restricted without our usual distraction. Fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, and many other emotions and personal realisations may arise, and using this simple technique, will help you to develop your awareness regarding your thoughts and emotions and will give you the control over these that you have been seeking.

I'm Devin Dyason. I have worked as a kinesiologist, bioenergy healer and mindfulness/meditation coach for over 20 years. I'm blessed to live in beautiful Cornwall, where I love to surf, sup, bodyboard, mountain bike and walk the coastal path with my fiance and daughter.

After taking a sabbatical to complete a Masters degree, I’m returning to this work. During the Covid 19 pandemic, it seems that people have taken to looking at themselves and their health, more CONSCIOUSLY, and are ready to make the changes in their lives required to help them achieve better wellbeing and reach the full potential of the uniqueness they offer the world. Given the requests I've been receiving, I've chosen to step back in to this transformative role.

I'm a no bullshit, lets see what we can do, kind of guy. I'm not going to drag sessions out for months, if somethings not working, I've been in the industry long enough to know some of the best therapists and options that may be able to help, if there’s more needed than this incredible work.

Your health, your wellbeing, your joy, your fulfilment is up to you, I'm here to help remove obstacles, but it's YOU who does the healing.

All my sessions are currently distance healing sessions. We can hold video calls over WhatsApp (FB message or email me for contact details

All sessions are DONATION BASED. You pay what you can afford and what value you attribute to the sessions. I believe that those that can afford more, will compensate for those that cannot, allowing everyone to benefit.



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