Amaro Araujo Business & Career Coach

Amaro Araujo 🇳🇱

Business & Career Coach
Effective Intercultural communication Increase sales and negotiation success
I speak 6 languages, worked for multinational companies closing deals with big customers, negotiation at C level,.

About Amaro

During our existence we gather experiences, skills and knowledge. We mingle or mold all that with our attitudes and behaviours, and they all become building blocks of our own evolution and growth.

It would be selfish to keep that luggage to ourselves.

It’s my duty to evolve and become the best possible version of myself. Learning through own experience, reading and following proved systems, learning from failures. I want to share those learning’s and help others to improve, grow, and thrive or become better equipped to face challenges in their personal or professional lives.

Life’s a journey where you can’t dissociate personal doubts and struggles, from your professional challenges. Neither from your personal habits, behaviors or beliefs. We’re a package. It all goes hand in hand, we must be in balanced with ourselves and with the world around us. 

The topics I share my insights can be very usefull not only for professional growth and career, but also for you as a person and person you're building up. 

We are not a static "thing". We're evolution. learning and growing is part of that evolution, of that constant "becoming".


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