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Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach
Mental Wellbeing, resilience, confidence
I'm a qualified and accredited Personal, Career and Wellbeing Coach and can help you to make or manage change in your life, at work and at home, whilst protecting your emotional wellbeing.

About Ali

We all need help from time to time with the three C's in life- Change, Choices and Challenges.

Do you long to make a change in your life? or are you going through change already? Do you need help sorting out your thoughts?  Are you worried about your emotional wellbeing?

You may already know what you want to change – a new career, a better relationship, or working on a behaviour which is no longer helpful to you.   Or you might be at a turning point in your life and wanting help to navigate your way through it – for example retirement, returning to work, children leaving home or illness.

Or are you faced with choices and can't decide which path to choose? Do you need to talk it through?

Or perhaps you are experiencing particular challenges - loss of confidence or self esteem, stress or anxiety, and would like to work on ways to manage?

Perhaps you are simply unhappy or stuck, feeling that there is more you could be doing with your life and need help working out what to change in order to move forward.

Whatever changes, choices or challenges you are facing, you will want to make sure that what you do doesn’t adversely affect other areas of your life. I can help you to understand what’s important to your emotional wellbeing and to build a personal emotional wellbeing and resilience plan so that you can be sure to achieve balance as you move forward.

I also offer practical support with CV and job application writing, and interview preparation.





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