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Health, Fitness & Wellness Coach
Mindfulness Spirituality Fitness
Through a combination of spirituality, mindfulness and fitness coaching I help people take control of their energy through a deeper awareness to their soul, body and mind.

About Lucy

Thank you so much for visiting my profile to find out more about me!
I'm Lucy and I am passionate about helping people upgrade their energy, connect to their body and spirit and attract in the life of their dreams!

My Story

My fitness journey began many years ago when after a very difficult period in my life I decided to take control of my body and my life.
A few years later, another challenging life experience led me into a passion for reading about all things to do with mindfulness and the law of attraction.
From this moment on my fascination with and study of spirituality and mindfulness began.
Integrating the laws and techniques I was learning about into my life slowly but surely led to incredible shifts in my inner world which began to manifest even bigger shifts in my outer world.
I moved to the most incredible location in Australia and started my dream business, Mindful Fitness.
I began teaching my outdoor mindfulness and fitness sessions on the beach – arguably the best office in the world!
I started to truly love and respect myself and effortlessly achieved the body of my dreams.
I manifested many things including my dream relationship! 
I discovered the secret to true happiness and fulfilment and a passion for life that I have never experienced before.
All these things plus many more are the reason I started my coaching business.
Through nurturing my mind, body and spirit I upgraded my energy and my life, and my passion now lies in helping others do the same.
Currently residing in London, I coach people online all over the world.
I feel incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to build beautiful and fulfilling relationships with people while supporting them in stepping into their dream lives and if you feel as though our values align I would love to help you do the same!

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