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Our Vision

Empower. Enable. Encourage.

Lifecoach is an all-in-one coaching platform. We build professional SaaS software for Coaches and a one-stop platform for both businesses & individuals to find & connect with the world's best Coaches. We exist to empower, enable and encourage millions of people around the world through affordable & improved access to high quality coaching. Why? To progress, improve, solve problems, level up, heal, build better careers, create stronger teams, overcome personal obstacles & succeed in life. Simply put:- our vision is to change people's lives for the better. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in London, Lifecoach is 100% founder-owned and dedicated to serving it's community with passion and a steadfast sense of purpose.

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Our web based software provides the tools you need to run and grow your coaching business while improving the two-way coaching experience for both you and your clients. Take a look at some of our best features and get started on one of our plans today...

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Whether you're an individual, startup, SME or global Enterprise, coaching can change your life in incredible ways. If you have a goal, a Coach can help you achieve it. If you are struggling with a personal problem, a Coach can help you to walk the path through to the other side and the bright future that awaits you there. If you are a team leader or team player, a Coach can help you to rethink the way you work with the people around you and level-up in ways you might not even be able to imagine yet. Our mission is to help you to find and connect with the Coach who is going to change your life for the better, starting today! Use our Coach Finder right now to take the next step on your journey...

Founder Story

How Lifecoach Got Started

Back in 2010, Greg Hamilton was growing disillusioned with his job as a Senior Airline Pilot. The relentless stress of enormous time pressures, monotony of flying the same routes and complete lack of sleep pattern were beginning to take their toll on his health. A few years later, on the way to work, he suffered a breakdown. Initially diagnosed as 'burnout', that diagnosis would soon be changed to chronic depression.

It was clear to Greg that he needed a new career. He fell back to his hobby. Something that he loved. Something that interested him: Computers. While he loved messing around with computers, he had no formal training and no idea how to create computer programs. As it happened, online-learning platforms were only just getting started and fortunately, had a strong focus on computer programming languages.

The course that Greg enrolled in would change his life forever. He learned how to code in a funny language called GML. A few courses later and he could code in 6 languages. He started building websites, mobile apps and games. He loved having both the creative outlet and the technical skills to build things, but more than that, he loved how easy it was to access life changing knowledge online.

In 2018 Greg decided to create an online course. To share the knowledge that he had gained in a way that he hoped would help other people to progress with learning how to code much faster than he had done. His course went on to become an international best seller. Some of his students were as young as 8. Others were 60. All of them telling him how much his teaching had changed their lives. He became hooked on helping people.

Greg's next challenge was restoring his health after a long period of struggling with depression. After years of trying, and failing on his own, he committed to trying something new: coaching. He heard about the benefits, and wished he could have someone helping him one-to-one, but no idea where to look. After eventually finding someone who looked promising, the idea of committing to a 12 week program seemed daunting. How could he know if his coach would help him to change and ultimately to succeed? Accepting the dire need for help, he 'signed up'.

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Signing up with Dave was one of the best decisions of my life. Having someone who's 'been there, done that and earned their wisdom' in my corner has been priceless. Someone to keep me on track when I feel like I'm failing. Someone to keep me moving forward when I feel like giving up. Someone I can trust when I can't trust myself. That's what my Coach Dave is to me. He's helped me to eat right, think right and to build myself both physically and mentally - teaching me resilience, discipline, self-belief and new ways of thinking about old 'problems'. Much of what I knew about myself was wrong. What I thought I couldn't do, I can do. I want this experience for everyone.

Greg founded Lifecoach in 2021, after 12 months of working with Dave and with a clear mission to build an online coaching platform that delivers life changing experiences. He has a burning desire to share the magic that happens when human beings connect with each other, empower and enable each other and most of all, encourage each other on our journeys. Where will that lead us? We're only just getting started, so let's find out together!